Service & Repair

Is your tent, awning or boat cover damaged?

Spatz repairs everything and also carries out general saddlery work. Whether it’s a tear in the fabric, a torn eyelet or a zip that’s stuck. We’ll fix it – even with third-party products. And we use only the best materials. 
We carry out the repairs in our workshop in Oberuzwil, St. Gallen.

For tents, we offer a laundry service with impregnation. You have two possibilities to hand in a repair:

  1. You make an appointment with us in advance by telephone and come in person to our workshop at Banhofstrasse 22, 9242 Oberuzwil.
  2. You send us your tent, awning or canopy. By post, by rail/cargo (also pallets) or courier (DHL, FedEx). Please state on the delivery note exactly which repairs you would like to have carried out. And please provide a contact address.

As a sidenote...

Your tent will last much longer and stay in good condition if you take good care of it by

  • packing in dry condition
  • cleaning/brushing it after using and hanging it up to dry
  • storing it in a dry place

However, each product may need additional treatment at a certain time. Whenever possible, we will repair your companion. Your tent has come a long way with you, so why destroy your shared memories by simply replacing it.


SPATZ checks your tent and puts it back into shape. A service that is often used by Scouts, Blauring, YMCA and other youth groups. This way your tent will be fit again in spring.


SPATZ repairs tents, sun sails, tarpaulins and canvas. Be it a tear in the fabric, a torn eyelet or a zip that is stuck.
We also repair products of other brands. Directly in our workshop in Oberuzwil and the Transa branch in Europaallee, Zurich.


SPATZ builds and supplies spare parts for tents. For example, aluminium poles in any length.


Would you like additional mosquito protection? Or a zipper? Or a chimney for your tipi tent? No problem.


We offer a washing service with impregnation for tents. You can also impregnate yourself – with a sponge or in the bathtub. 


Nothing is more exciting than sewing a tent yourself. After all, that was the origin of SPATZ. We will be happy to give you tips and information about our SPATZ fabrics.