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The indoor climate in a cotton tent is incomparable. Cotton is a natural fibre with excellent breathability. That’s why condensation or dampness in the morning is not an issue. In hot weather, cotton offers a pleasant, ventilated climate and a very high and a very high UV protection factor of 50+.

When wet, the tightly woven cotton swells – the tent becomes waterproof in a completely natural way.


(breathable technical cotton)


Our tents use fabrics made exclusively for Spatz from the finest cotton: breathable, temperature-balancing, waterproof, durable, UV-resistant, free from mould and with a UV protection factor of 50+.
Our cotton is selected and woven in Pakistan.

SPATZ Flamingo
All the tents from the “Classic” & “Vintage” category use our beloved SPATZ Flamingo fabric made of 100% cotton (140g/m²)

SPATZ Renforcé (impregnated)
The light, air-permeable SPATZ Renforcé in plain white is used for our inner tents. It was developed exclusively for Spatz and made from 100% best cotton (110g/m²).

BTC (Breathable Technical Cotton)
All the tents from the “Family” category use our BTC fabric made of 60% Polyester and 40% cotton. It keeps the great properties of cotton in terms of breathability and water-resistancy but is lighter and smaller in volume than 100% cotton fabric. As a result our family tents are more portable, easy-to-transport and take less storage space. 

Floor (PVC)
For our “Classic” & “Vintage”tents we use a special PVC-floor. Completely waterproof, coated on both sides, highly abrasive-resistant and very easy to clean with a sponge and mild detergent.


It’s all in the details: for our SPATZ tents, we rely on proven quality from YKK. Zippers have to run smoothly – and for a lifetime.


Our poles are manufactured at the Altried Foundation in Zurich which creates a living space for people with impairment. The aluminium poles are of high strength and very durable and resistant.







There is nothing like Spatz tents. Our focus is on uncompromising functionality, quality and aesthetics – for over 80 years.

The sleeping comfort in a Spatz tent is unrivalled. The temperature is pleasantly balanced. The durability and UV resistance are legendary. Responsible for this are the cotton fabrics and threads developed by Spatz and manufactured exclusively for us. They breathe naturally – and are absolutely waterproof in the rain.

Every Spatz is handmade with attention to detail. The shapes of our tents follow tradition and innovation. A Spatz tent accompanies you for a lifetime. It is an expression of individuality, style and quality awareness. It shares stories and unique experiences in nature. nature. A SPATZ has a soul.

Our passion: With many years of experience we design and with the highest quality materials we build the best cotton tents in the world. We are happy to share this passion with you. It drives us to continue producing first-class tents in Switzerland. tents in Switzerland. 



Our tents are designed, developed, tested and used by the Spatz team in Switzerland. Thanks to customer feedback, especially from youth groups, our products have matured and are constantly improving.

Our ”Vintage tents” are still produced in the Spatz factory in Oberuzwil, Switzerland. Our “Classic tents” and the “Family tents” will be manufactured in close coordination with our partner in Pakistan from summer 2021 onwards.